--The Broken Man--
I thought you were gone forever, I thought you walked away from everything, because I failed, because I destroyed the only thing that ever mattered to me. I waited for you to come, but you didnt.

I'm Dean and somewhere around here is my brother Sam. We are the ones who protect you guys from what goes bump in the night. So just sit back and leave things to the professionals. ((Season 9 Independent Dean Winchester. Mun is all caught up with episodes. Mun no longer does Intro threads, so please send an Ask if you wish to interact. Blog will occasionally be NSFW. Will contain triggers for Alcohol Abuse. Will tag accordingly.))


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knightinshiningimpala asked: "Let me go!" 


               ❝You do not order me, boy. 

     Such simple words should not have ignited such a flame in him. Growl tearing from his lips, he shoved Dean back. The human was weak. Feeble really. It was barely any effort at all to pin him. Glaring at the human, his last nerve had been struck. After all the the kindness and mercy he had displayed, this was how he was repaid? His patience could only run so thin. Threats he had gotten used to. Blatant disrespect from the hunter was frankly embarrassing to put up with but if it meant slipping into his skin he would do it. As the days dragged on and things piled up on onto the other, it was made clear that he would never say yes. So what point did he having putting up with the childish behaviour? The millions of years he had lived had not been to put up with this.

     Hands clenching both wrists, he slid them above the brunette’s head. Michael took them both in a single fist, holding him there effortlessly. Other hand slipping down to the man’s chin, he forced his head upwards- exposing the sensitive neck. Watching as the adam’s apple bobbed, his eyes never left Dean’s for a moment.

               ❝Best you learn your place before someone has to teach it to you. 

     Shoving Dean away, he smugly enjoyed watching the human struggle to catch himself to only fall. Michael could have reached out and steadied him. He had done such kinds of things before. Now he wanted to see the man crash to his knees without support. And he got it. Standing over Dean, he stared down at him. In the end, Dean was powerless.


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❝i’m sorry that you were not truly loved and that it made you cruel❞

--Warsan Shire (via rarararambles)


[ text ] Deanbean if you ain’t comfortable with it it isn’t a must.

[ text ] Just something I’d be into if you ever wanted to.

[text] not something i’ve ever done, you know? Well, not with an actual partner I mean.

[text] I’ll think about it. Could be fun.



     His brows arched, head cocking to the side. Damaged? Dean was anything but that in Michael’s mind. Beautifully crafted on the inside and out, he was one of the few humans that the archangel appreciated. Past all the self loathing and rebellion, he saw what was perfect about him. Even if Dean could not.

     Stepping towards him, he reached out to take ahold of his arm. The movement was slow, precise, gentle- stroking over the mark with his thumb. Releasing him, his arm jerked back like he had been shocked. That was the Mark of Cain. There could be no doubt. Lucifer had corrupted his vessel. Taken what was his for himself. A myriad of emotion washed over him: hurt, anger, betrayal. None of it appeared on his face, his gaze sharpened; a flame burning behind his irises.
     Dean was his. Fully and completely, his property and vessel. If he had to fight his brother to the bitter end to keep him, he would.

               There is nothing you can do to deter me. 

                          Why? Why did you accept this cross, Dean Winchester?❞ 

His entire body stiffened as Michael took hold of his arm. But he didn’t pull away. He simply looked down to watch the Archangel’s thumb stroke over the mark. The way that Michael flinched was a small victory, but Dean wasn’t ready to crow over that just yet. Even small victories can be taken away.

"Why? Because I had to. Who else is going to take down Abaddon and deal with Crowley? Who else is going to stop Metatron? There are a lot of good Hunters out there, but the Winchesters have been in the middle of the mess for… Well, I don’t know how long. But a hell of a long time."

Dean took a deep breath and finally looked up, meeting Michael’s eyes.

"And I did it cause I’m a big brother. You can understand that."