--The Broken Man--
I thought you were gone forever, I thought you walked away from everything, because I failed, because I destroyed the only thing that ever mattered to me. I waited for you to come, but you didnt.

I'm Dean and somewhere around here is my brother Sam. We are the ones who protect you guys from what goes bump in the night. So just sit back and leave things to the professionals. ((Season 9 Independent Dean Winchester. Mun is all caught up with episodes. Mun no longer does Intro threads, so please send an Ask if you wish to interact. Blog will occasionally be NSFW. Will contain triggers for Alcohol Abuse. Will tag accordingly.))


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Time Slip: Volume 2 [Listen]

1. Another Love//Tom Ordell 2. I Appear Missing//Queens Of The Stone-Age 3. To Your Health//Keaton Hensen 4. Turn Into You//Yeah Yeah Yeah’s 5. Dark Paradise//Lana Del Rey 6. Scar Tissue//Red Hot Chilli Peppers 7. The Humbling River//Puscifer 8. Good Life//Francis Dunnery 9. What Is Love?//Jaymes Young 10. Young and Beautiful//Lana Del Rey 11/ Distraction//Phaeleh (Jaymes Young Mix) 12. Everything For A Reason//Carina Round 13. Honeybee//Steampowered Giraffe 14. Closer//Kings Of Leon 15. Angel//Massive Attack



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So wow guys, I actually hit 900 followers. I’ve been roleplaying on Tumblr for something like three years and I’ve never had this high a number on any of my accounts, especially with how selective I am. And after only six months? I kind of just want to chock it up to the size of this fandom, considering the ones I’ve been in in the past were a whole lot smaller. But It’s a scary thing, knowing that that many people see what you write and post.
I just want everyone to know, that even if you’re not on here, I appreciate you being here. I love that you came to my page, clicked follow for whatever reason, and I hope I haven’t disappointed.

Anyway, onto the part you guys actually care about. All the blogs listed here are people I highly recommend following. For whatever reason, be it that they’re great out of character, write really well, or even just reblog things that I like. So, you know, go check a few.

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Out in the desert there’s a soldier lying dead
Vultures pecking the eyes out of his head
Another day that could have been me there instead
Nobody loves me here
Nobody loves me here

Dad’s Gonna Kill Me


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Going to grab a cup of tea and then I’ll have the first Beastly Beverages Twitter Q&A!


If you would like to join in make sure you’re following @beastlybeverage and start your questions with #BeastlyQ&A

See you in about half an hour! xxx

Title: Flicker Fade

Artist: Taking Back Sunday

Played: 0 times

If you should change your name,
I’ll love you just the same
And if you should run away,
I would save your place
So you can go, go, go
If you want to
I wouldn’t try and stop you
I couldn’t say I blame you

Flicker flicker fade,
Destroy what you create
And wonder why it always ends the same,
You wonder why it always ends the same

You live your life like you’re not in control
Like you’re playing a role



Ok, yeah. Making it official. Too upset to be here at all right now. See you when I get back.


Ok, yeah. Making it official. Too upset to be here at all right now. See you when I get back.

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Attention. This is Important.


As I’m sure some of you have heard, there is someone in my life that I came to know and love, and over the course of a year, has shown his true colors. 

Some of you, or the person in question, might come to believe that this is a personal post. It’s not, however. It’s a post to warn the community of a person who has done a lot of wrong, and has confirmed that it’s a pattern for himself

His name, his real name, is Andryk, or Andy. Even more commonly known as rebelliousxangel

In the early days of October, 2013, I was waiting for word from someone in Mexico by the name of ‘Gabriel' to come online and tell me about Andy's death. His death date was September 28th, 2013.

When that happened, I broke down, because Andy had been my best friend. Attached at the hip, always talking, RPing or playing board games. Stuff like that. The usual online best friend type of stuff. Naturally, I got upset, and I disappeared from the fandom for a while to recover. 

In that time, I received a letter from Andy, which I was expecting to come, and it was his goodbye letter. This upset me more, but as I was looking at the envelope, I noticed the processing date. It didn’t add up, because that date was September 23rd, 2013. Huh. I checked his youtube, which had activity on it, during the time that he was supposed to be dead. His facebook was deleted, which is strange because people usually use that as a memorial for the departed. 

I digress. 

I went onto one of Andy’s other close friend’s blog, and I saw an ask from an end!Cas that caught my eye, and when I clicked on that end!Cas blog, I found a few things that lead me to believe that it was Andy. So like any curious, mourning person, I asked the Dean that had posted the ask, and she went on to tell me that “It’s not Andy. As far as I know, his name is Gabriel’, and that I ‘need psychiatric help’ to ‘help me let go of Andy’. 

I didn’t believe her. So I messaged this blog. I don’t have a printscreen of the ask, because I deleted it a while back, but I did copy and paste it to a friend when I first got it, and that was in my Skype archives. It’s posted here. Anyway, proof that he says his name is Gabriel is here, but proof that he’s posted on that blog that he’s actually Andy is here.

So Andy faked his death. He was never dead to begin with. I went public with it, because it was wrong. Countless of people mourned him, made posts for him, and I felt that everyone deserved to know about the deceit. This prompted a few people to try and come to attack me, a bunch of anon hates sent to my inbox, so I left the fandom again, for the second time. 

Deciding that it had blown over, I came back, but got into contact with Andy again, wanting to try and fix our friendship — like an idiot — but he went on to say things that were hurtful. Tried to martyr himself, saying that he faked his death to ‘save me from him’ and to ‘make me hate him so it was easier’. 

And now he’s been stalking my blog, made me change my URL, which he found, and has been on and off of my blog, showing up repeatedly in my tracker. Him and his friend. 

I’m not making this into a big thing, I’m just trying to warn people of what he’s done, what he’s continuing to do, and what he shouldn’t be allowed to do again. Countless of people were effected by this. his blog and tag were turned into memorials of people sending asks, submits, messages, showing their grief for a person who was alive the whole time, and then came back under a false name to add insult to injury. 

All of this made me push people away. I lost friends — lots of friends. I isolated myself because I felt like I can’t trust anyone any more. I cut myself off when the people — my friends — who were mourning him needed my support the most. I contemplated things that I should ever, ever contemplate because of someone else, and it’s been very scarring to not only me, but a few other people, as well.

I will admit, I’ve not been a saint in this mess. I’ve said hurtful things and done things that I’m not proud of to get to the truth, but here you have it. Death isn’t a joke. It hurts people, and this is the kind of distress that he’s brought on me and a bunch of other people who considered him their friend and trusted him.

That is all. 

Title: Devil's Backbone

Artist: The Civil Wars

Played: 23015 times


devil’s backbone // the civil wars

don’t care if he’s guilty, don’t care if he’s not
he’s good and he’s bad and he’s all that i’ve got
oh lord, oh lord, i’m begging you please
don’t take that sinner from me